International Conference on Disability Inclusion


It is estimated that 60 percent of the worlds’ 650 million persons with disabilities live in Asia and the Pacific. Around 30 countries in Asia have ratified the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Countries who have ratified the convention are obliged to adopt domestic laws that are not discriminatory, and protect the rights of people with disabilities to a life of respect, freedom, independence, and equality. Asia is a region rich with diverse populations, where history, politics, religion and the legal landscape provide unique experiences and practices of diversity and disability inclusion. Asia’s colonial past informs the development of its socio-political and legal practices, which in turn influence efforts towards social inclusion. This landscape we believe forms a key consideration for policy research on disability advocacy, with scholarship on the socio-legal and cultural understanding of local practices being an important factor shaping the emergence of disability advocacy and disability studies.

With growing interest in policy reform to eliminate barriers for disability inclusion in the Asian context, this conference offers an opportunity for scholars, advocates and policy specialists to share their research, knowledge, and experience working on various discipline that enhance disability inclusion at both the policy and social level. The discussion at the conference will provide an opportunity to reveal the unique experiences of communities, government and development specialists in Asia in the processes that engage, promote and enact practices of inclusion. We welcome papers that fall into the conference topics of interest:

  1. Advocacy and social movements
  2. Technology and disability
  3. Inclusive pedagogical policy and practices
  4. Arts, media, cultures and religions
  5. Public services and accessibility
  6. Entrepreneurship, employment, social welfare, and economy
  7. Disaster mitigation
  8. Gender and youth
  9. Leadership and political representation
  10. Disability, health and well-being
  11. Research and methodology in Disability Studies
  12. Inclusive policy and governance
  13. Family and social support
  14. STEM and disability
  15. Bioengineering and disability
  16. Universal design 
Important Dates
  • Paper submission deadline: 10 October 2022
  • Notification of acceptance: 20 October 2022
  • Conference Dates: 17-18 November 2022
Fees and Publication
  • Presenters and audiences are free.
  • International publication + IDR 800.000 or USD 55.

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Converence Convener